Rebecca is a space holder and facilitator who works with women using tested tools, setting intentions, connecting with their heart’s desires and the wisdom of their moon cycle, creating more abundance, more joy, more ease, and the best life ever.

I decided to “be the change” and live my life in a softer more feminine way tuning into my inner guidance and to my moon cycle, listening to my bodies signals and follow my Yes i moved to Bali to study and learn all i could about the wisdom and magic of Mensturation. I am a woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and i am a lover. A Gypsy with her feet planted on the ground consciously living her YES A green juice and cacao addict who needs her morning coffee before her meditation practice gets a look in Rebecca’s practicality, humour, wisdom and humility make her a insightful inspiring and relatable facilitator.

Workshop Date: 26-30 April
Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Place: Moksa

Menstrual Magic & Wisdom for Modern Women

This workshop is designed for highly aligned women that are truly ready to step into living in their most feminine qualities.
The greatest act of Self Love that a Woman can do is to connect to her Moon Cycle. To truly know who she is and how her own cycle reflects the cycles in nature.

In this workshop we look at the connection between the seasons of nature and our menstrual cycle as well as exploring the phases of a women life and how we can use this wisdom and its energies everyday. Together we will remember that we are the physical manifestation of love, we are cyclic beings with deep connection to the cosmos, working with the wisdom that menstruation brings also make us powerful manifestrix. Women will need to bring a journal, pens, water bottle, their sacred objects for the alter and wear something that they feel most feminine in.



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