Amanda is a Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Evolutionary Coach supporting men and women in deepening their relationship to themselves, their bodies and their sexuality. She currently works both online and in-person and has traveled around the world hosting retreats, workshops and Tantric Temples with her partner Sprout Love.

Sprout is a relationship and sexuality coach, primarily helping people transform their relationships through addressing the shadows around money, power and sex.  He travels the world hosting retreats and workshops that help people re-claim aspects of their own self-empowerment.


A Tantric Journey Deep Within – High Vibrational Relationships and Sexuality

Workshop Date: 26 APRIL – 3 MAY

TIME: 8-9:45am

PLACE: Moksa


We warmly welcome you into a deep dive inner journey connecting to the polarity of the Masculine and Feminine within.  In this workshop series, we will walk both the men and women through a journey of conscious connection 1st to themselves, then to their brothers/sisters, and eventually uniting the men and women and exploring the polarities between groups.

You will experience tantric practices and breathwork combined with ceremony, prayer and rituals. We will end on Saturday evening with a Puja Tantric Union Ritual In the first 4 days men and women will be separated according to gender. Here they will discover how to tap into their opposite energetic polarity.

Example Day 1: women learning about the root chakra and masculine energy and the principles of grounding, foundation and focus. We will weave this into the overall theme of High Vibrational Relationships and sexuality.

Example Day 2: Sacral Chakra and sexuality, feminine energy. Men will tap into the feminine principle and water element. Exploring the feminine energy and how it creates a powerful connection in relation to their sexuality.

Join us for this in depth ritualistic experience on an inner journey and walk away with tools and practices to help you deepen your connection to yourself, your sexuality and develop the relationships you desire.



Sunday – Women only

Monday – Men only

Tuesday – Women only

Wednesday – Men only

Thursday – Women only

Friday – Men only

Saturday – Integration work

Sunday – Q & A + Closing Circle



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