Born in Spain, Helena has danced her way to her favorite countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. Dance and movement are the biggest constants in her life. Classical and contemporary trained she left the stages at the age of 30 and started a multidisciplinary path, blending her dance experience with the Pilates method and Yoga asana. During the following years she discovers the world of Acrobatics and Contact Improvisation which leads her to teach and experience movement from a whole different perspective based in community, communication, and trust. Currently based in Bali, she is building a community around this blend of movement practices open to everyone. The Art of Movement.

Contemporary Dance | CI | Acrobatics | Pilates | Yoga
InContact & AcroyogaBali.

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 1:30-3:00pm

Place: Paradiso

Contact Improvisation for Beginners

This workshop is a preliminary introduction workshop in Contact Improvisation (CI) for people who have never experienced CI before but also it is open for people who have some experience and wish to refresh their knowledge and experience in the practice. This workshop also will be building up on the following CI advanced workshop that follows right after 3:15-5:15pm at Paradiso.



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