One of the main goals of the WOMB Festival is to offer a unique interdisciplinary program in Performing, Healing and Spiritual Arts. The master teachers we invite but also the environment we will create with the WOMB Festival Team, can guarantee your transformation throughout the nine days of bliss, love and expansion.

To make your experience unique and unforgettable, we prepared two categories of workshops: “DANCE & MOVEMENT ARTS” and “SPIRITUALITY & HEALING ARTS”


For the Full Festival Pass, you can choose up to 4 workshops per day from 26-30 of April and 4 different workshops per day from 1-3 of May. The excitement does not end there, with the Full Festival Pass you are also welcomed to join the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival and all evening activities we will have at Blanco Museum, Zest, Moksa and other venues to be confirmed.

We offer different options for festival participation either 6 or 3 days pass as well as individual workshop participation. You can visit the page with the detailed information here.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you!


Dance & Movement workshops will be taught by very well established artists in their field of practice. Some of the workshops will culminate into a public performance at the Closing Ceremony of the Festival at the Blanco Museum.

Performance is possible by all participants whether there is a professional background of beginners. It is an opportunity to allow yourself to be observed and honored for who you are and what you can offer to the world.


Spirituality & Healing Arts are workshops related to yoga and yoga nidra, qigong, breathwork, sound healing and other that as a main focus is the harmony of the subtle energies in our body.

All workshops will be taught by a number of international and local teachers specialized on different embodied disciplines.

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