Why 9 days?

If we look for the meaning of the number 9, we see that it has the vibration of the healer. The energy of the 9 is about love, compassion and being supportive. 9 days represent each month we were in the WOMB of our beloved Mother. This is what it is all about in these 9 days. To receive unconditional love from our ancestors, Mother, and Mama Bali as well as to honestly, truthfully love yourself. This is the opportunity to gift yourself the time and space to dive into performing, healing and spiritual arts, to discover yourself in a new way, to give compassion for the people who share this path with you but also compassion for yourself – to get to know your boundaries, your desires, to harmonise, embrace and expand your feminine and masculine, to allow yourself to “be” in unity with all that is.

Why in Ubud?

It´s the first dancing and healing arts festival in Bali. The location it takes place, UBUD, is literally a healing place itself. Translated it means “Medicine”. All of our Teachers and Facilitators have experienced it´s magical energy already and are taking you on this journey of transformation. The special thing about this festival is that it happens all around Ubud, not somewhere outside, not only in one location. We choose five different beautiful spaces in-and outside the centre. Why? So that you have the opportunity to join a variety of workshops wherever you are – and also to experience the Magic of Ubud that wholeheartedly offers.

Why Water Element?

The most of our consistency is of water – water representing fluids and liquids in our body. Our entire being already resonates so much with water, it is just a matter of recognizing it in a more intimately way. Water is an element of purification and healing. Water is cleansing and essential to life. Our own lives begin immersed and encircled in fluids, therefore this element symbolizes the womb and is related to fertility and birth. Most important for our Festival is the Element Water, because it reflects the Divine Feminine within everyone of us.

Isn’t  it the feminine energy that makes a man masculine?

 Isn’t it just pure beauty to see an empowered woman when the masculine energy is melting with the divine feminine?

Harmony in Masculine and Feminine

We are all equal in power, authority, integrity, freedom importance and respect. The earth comes into her glory when the balance between the sacred feminine and masculine is in unity. This change can only start in one place, within ourselves as Individuals. We each have to change our mindset and actions from seeing the other as less than, and start seeing each other as equals and at the same time having distinctive unique attributes. For men and women to ascend in this life and be one with Father and Mother, we must be at one within ourselves and one with each other and our world.

Can I change the selection of my workshops after the Festival begins?

No, you cannot. Once we have started the festival you cannot change your workshop selections.

Can I take a different ELECTIVE WORKSHOP during the weekend?

Yes, you can. Only during the Weekend you may choose different ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS. However, please note that some of the workshops will already have started few days, so it might be difficult to catch up.




My registration is completed but I can no longer participate in the festival. Can I get a refund?

No, you cannot. Once your registration is complete and the fees are paid, we cannot refund. However, you can find another artist to pass on your festival pass.




Do I need Visa to enter Indonesia?

The Indonesian government may require a visa to enter. Please make sure to check before you travel and apply at your home country of residency early enough, since sometimes visa procedures might take up to few weeks. For the countries who require visa to enter Indonesia, check the link below.

**Please Note: The document / Passport should be valid, for more than six (6) months from the date of entry into Indonesia and have enough empty pages.

Immigration Department of Indonesa (Lists of visa requirements for countries):

Do I need to get a travel insurance?

We highly recommended you get your own travel insurance.

Do I need a return Ticket?

Make sure that you carry along all your important travel documents. The recommendation is to carry along a return ticket from Indonesia, or a ticket to a third country, since some airlines and immigration might request you to prove your exit out of Indonesia. This might vary between airlines and immigration controls.

Do I need vaccines?

Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before your trip.
For further information for recommended vaccines please visit:

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