This festival is for you to connect with all the elements and most predominantly with the element of WATER and FIRE. Water & Fire elements will harmonise the feminine and masculine energies within all of us.

We will guide you throughout all nine days (representing 9 months in the womb we were) through an inner journey to connect within yourself in the most authentic way, to enter back to your origins to embrace what lies deep inside, to unearth your true light and expansive love. This is a festival to balance the divine feminine and masculine – to raise your frequency and empower one another to discover who we truly are; we will together co-create and unite through pure love.

The WOMB Festival is focusing on visual, performing, healing and spiritual arts to create a wide range of exploration within yourself and in collective groups. On this journey we have chosen the most amazing facilitators to guide you through your unique dimensions. Dimensions you will experience will be, but not limited that of brotherhood and sisterhood, of the mother and father, the companion the friend and lover and beloved.

We will awaken a variety of unexplored parts within us, letting us be in our creative child, adult and wise wo(man). Whether if it is through different kinds of Dance, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Massage, Qigong or Singing, you will find new aspects of who you are to share your gifts to the world.

2020 is the year of transformation and creation, so let us co-create this life journey with our visions that we all carry. Let this festival be a journey in togetherness that will allow us to love, laugh, cry, lose ourselves with awareness and at same time find ourselves anew, to let go, forgive and rise – we all seek and will embrace the magic we deserve, in our own heart, in the relationships we celebrate, in our career and life.

Take this as a chance for your heart and soul, your body and mind, your creative inner child and wise adult for growing the explorer inside.

Your time is always here, right now.

Founder and Artistic Director of Unity Space Indonesia and WOMB Festival Team

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