WOMB Festival is the first performing (dance & music), healing and spirituality arts festival in Bali. The location it takes place, UBUD, is literally a healing place itself. Translated it means “Medicine”. All of our Teachers and Facilitators have experienced it´s magical energy already and are taking you on this journey of transformation. The special thing about this festival is that it happens all around Ubud, not somewhere outside, not only in one location. We choose five different beautiful spaces in-and outside the centre. Why? So that you have the opportunity to join a variety of workshops wherever you are – and also to experience the Magic of Ubud that wholeheartedly offers.

In Bali, a traditional dance is more than just an art form. It’s an expression of gratitude, a way to thank the gods for all their blessings and kindness.

Probably the most famous of all traditional Balinese dances, Kecak was composed around the 1930’s and is performed by a group of around 40 people swathed in black-and-white checkered cloth. These men will enter the performing area chanting “cak” in an organised rhythm and harmony and raise their hands to the sky while stomping their feet. They will then form a circle while imitating the sounds of the Gamelan with their voices.

The Kecak Dance tells the story of the epic poem Ramayana; it’s about Rama, the king of Ayodhya, whom because of internal conflict in the kingdom, was sent into exile. Sita, his loyal wife, and his brother, Laksamana, insisted on following him into the forest. Then the plot of the story begins to thicken, with Rama and his entourage having interesting encounters in the forest, the kidnapping of Sita, and the battle between the king of the white monkeys and the king of the giants.

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