Consider a true harmonious community that can be as small as a family but can represent a social circle as big as a city, country or continent.

Literally speaking the word community comes from the Latin ‘commūnitās’, which mean ‘common’ so it relates to the group of people who have common goals or principles to coexist; to be together as a whole.

But also, from a different perspective, the word community incorporates the words ‘com’ which in Latin means ‘with’, and the word ‘unity’ which all together signifies ‘with unity’.  The word ‘Unity’ is inherently present to what a community is: a true harmonious community: 

the group of beings who have equal goals and values in life, for together evolving and living united, responsibly with love for one another and in true communication’.

Within a community there should be a balanced inter-dependency from all its members, however different one might be.

Integration is a key aspect in our life for a healthy wholesome community.
It helps us to live harmoniously within ourselves and within diverse societies.
And transformation brings new ways of seeing … enlightening our human connections.

WOMB Festival will offer you the right environment for you to integrate, transform and go beyond.

You will be able to open yourself to great potentials — not only through dance, but also through music, healing and spirituality.
This is also a place for you to explore, discover, express, co-create, and learn from each other.

This festival is dedicated to all humans to grow in a collective spirit.

We are living in a crucial time. The world asks us to re-evaluate and recast obsolete educational systems.
How can we find inner balance, prepare ourselves for any changes, and take great personal and professional leaps?

Each one of us has certain experiences and knowledge. How can we co-create a greater future in unity and synergy?

At WOMB Festival we meet and unite.
You will have a profound chance to integrate and transform, to become ONE from within.

The Founder and Artistic Director of Unity Space and Unity Space Team welcomes you at the WOMB Festival.

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