The Festival will be held for 9 days that each day represents one month of the time we were in the WOMB of our beloved mother.

During the Festival, all the participants will have the chance to join a variety of workshops that will be either for 5 days, 2-3 days and some special workshops for 8 days long in which participants will need to commit to stay throughout the duration of each workshop.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be held at Blanco Museum on the 25th of April and 3 of May correspondingly. Be prepared for two lovely days full of activities and special events. At Blanco Museum we also organise events each evening for the community and the festival pass goers to come together, socialise and enjoy at a heart space of unity.


Throughout all the venues you will be able to change workshops either at the same venue or to commute to other venues for other workshops. We have offered some time-baffer between each workshop to be able to catch the next workshop at a different location. Make sure that you will need your own transportation either with your own motorbike, a motorbike taxi, or can hope on a friend’s scooty.

Things to NOTE:

The Distance between each studio is max 10 mins long on a scooty or bike-taxi.

Moksa is very near Blanco Museum around 3 mins drive and Paradiso is 2 mins walk to Taksu Spa. All rest distances are not longer than 10mins drive. Do take a look at the map we have prepared for you at the schedule further down


Dance & Movement Workshops

We bring together some exquisite artists to share their passion and love about dance and movement. You will not regret the quality you will experience and you will feel nourished and transformed workshops.

Healing & Spirituality Workshops

Healing is an integral part in our life we are living, even more so spiritual practice is even more important for aligning ourselves in our true nature and calling about what we are here for.


Dance and Movement workshops will embrace and integrate the body, mind, heart and spirit. Some workshops are more body and mind oriented whereas other focus in all aspects of our existence.

Healing and Spirituality workshops likewise will embrace and integrate the body, mind, heart and spirit, however the focus in some of those workshops is more the heart and spirit integration within the body and mind.

The combination of all workshops we have prepared for you, will create the right environment and container for transformation and rebirth.


Other Activities
We also have exciting evening activities happening during the whole festival at Blanco Museum. It will be a space of socialising and meeting together to create a sense of harmonious community. Each night will feature different artists playing music, offering sound healing and other healing modalities, as well as ecstatic dance and singing.

Important Dates:

25 APRIL – ARRIVAL and registering at Blanco Museum from 9am onwards. Opening Ceremony starts at 5pm.

26 APRIL – First day of 5 day workshops start

28 APRIL – A Special Dance and Music event at Blanco Museum

29 APRIL – International Dance Day Celebration at Blanco Museum

01 May – First day of 3 day workshops start

03 May – Last day of Festival and Closing Ceremony at Blanco Museum

WOMB Festival – Waters of Mother Bali

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