Nicole Seeger

As a mom, space holder, facilitator, artist and all around modern woman, Nicole finds great joy in empowering others along the path of self-realisation and transformation.
She has been facilitating woman’s circles, embodied empowerment workshops, conscious parenting workshops and private retreats, utilising her background in family counselling, as a Usui Reiki and children’s yoga teacher and mentor. After her initiation as a Raven into the Tahltan Native American Tribe and working closely with a Celtic shaman, she finds great resources in incorporating these wisdom teachings in her offerings. Instagram: @soulfulnomadmomma

Committed and passionate about their sacred union of 17 years, Robin and
Nicole bring safety and deep insight into their offerings.


Robin Seeger

Robin loves his role as an “Inner Truth Activator” as he enables men and women who work with him to take control of their life, helping them to unlock “their path”. An intuitive spirit guide, Reiki healer and Access Bars facilitator he comes full circle combining his extensive knowledge leading corporate commercial companies utilising his logical mind with innate, intuitive, shamanic nature, which allows him to navigate easily through challenges of any kind. Robin has been passionately facilitating man’s and mixed circles, conscious parenting workshops and private coaching and mentoring sessions. Instagram: @sacredrebel

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 10-12pm

Place: Moksa

UNVEILED – The way out is in!

Robin and Nicole created this powerful and transformational workshop series to peel back the layers of Self in a safe, supportive environment, giving space to the unveiling of our innate essence. As parents, partners, energy alchemists and shamans, Robin and Nicole are passionate about bringing attention and empowerment to inner child healing, invoking true and lasting change in all aspects of their clients relationships. Their process focuses on working from the inside out, reconnecting and reparenting the inner child while re-writing the story of how we relate to ourselves and the world.

Unearthing the juicy stuff that makes us feel stuck, afraid or unable to be authentic and free. All while holding impeccable space, creating the environment for self evolution and transformation.With both a spiritual and pragmatic focus, the attention is focused on re-connecting with the innate tools and to find empowerment that creates lasting change. What if you would have the tools and techniques to work through challenges regarding boundaries, trust, triggers, taming the inner critic and releasing

“It just sticks” is one of the common comments of their workshop participants. It is what separates them from other facilitators.



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