KIRSTY KA is a Earth Ceremony/Music Medicine facilitator and life consultant. Her work focuses on helping people find greater love, confidence, meaning, wholeness and clarity through nature connection, self-expression, spirituality and the sacredness of life itself. Kirsty offers group and personal retreats and ceremonies, online and in person sessions drawing on her life experience, work and study with nature and indigenous wisdomkeepers. She collaborates with elders and shaman of different traditions internationally, and works together in ceremonies, gatherings and nature quests around the world for our personal and collective wellbeing and humanities conscious awakening.



Medicine Songs & Elemental Ceremonies

Workshop Date: 1-3 MAY

TIME: 1-3pm

PLACE: Moksa


Join us in ceremony as we connect with the waters within and the sacred waters of the world, as we call on the deities and guardians of the waters and share in cleansing and strengthening prayers.

On Day one we will sing healing medicine songs from around the world and offer the sacred tobacco medicine in liquid form as part of a ceremony to support our individual and collective prayers of harmony.

On day two we we will be honouring and igniting further our Ahi Ka, our sacred fire as the Maori people call it. We will fan the flames of our purpose and greater service together in circle, with medicine songs and ancestral wisdom practices. This workshop encourages our creative and soul expression and gives voice, momentum and blessing to what we are creating in our lives and in the world.

On day three we will honour this holy creation point of our body in unison with the womb of our Earth Mother. We will sit in nature, in ceremony, in meditation, sing and give large offerings back to the Earth filled with prayers of peace and empowerment. We will tune in and commune with the spirits of the mountains of Mama Bali and the sacred mountains around the world as well as the sacred lakes that interweave as part of the energetic grid across the body of the planet. We come together in this way in support of our personal and collective shifts into higher consciousness.



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