Agustian Supriatna is a multitalented artist and musician based in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, Indonesia. Born in the deep jungle of Lampung, in 1981, he came from a traditional healer lineage connected to nature and wildlife of Sumatra island. Being chosen as a healer since a young age, he dedicated himself to be in service of his village’s people. Everything he learned was passed on to him from his grandfather, the legendary elderly healer Datuk Raja Jaksa.

In his late teens he made a big decision, he wanted to be a painter. So he put on pause his journey as a healer to focus on finding himself and fulfilling his dream of becoming an artist. He started the path of teaching himself through exploring a wide variety of artistic expressions as drawing, painting, sculpture and music. Along the way he found his voice and became successful and recognised in international art scenes. Still, it took him 20 years of self development until he claimed back his legacy as a healer to share the gift with others. Through music, he found the soulful media to invite people into the healing journey. The fusion between the inherited ancient wisdom with the power of sound gave birth to The Art of Sound Healing.

Event Date: 25 APRIL
Time: 6-7pm

Place: Blanco Museum – For the Opening Ceremony

The Art of Sound Healing

“Art is a form of love and reflection from spiritual awareness”

As an artist and musician, I get my inspiration from nature, as we are part of nature it self. I become the instrument and media of Higher Consciousness through art and music. When I can share it to people then, I fulfill my purpose in this lifetime.

The long journey of Agustian Supriatna took him to navigate through different cultures and ancient traditions around the globe. Always curious and thirsty for understanding through direct experience and experimentation.

The Art of Sound Healing condenses the various teachings he has being picking up for years, ready to be shared. It is a magical music experience that takes the audience to the inner healing journey with ancient Sanskrit mantras, Sufi chanting, Javanese and Sundanese traditional lullabies. While using these sacred scriptures, he composes the music with his own voice and colours. Agustian surprises with new sounds and a variety of music instruments such as bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), suling (Sundanese bamboo flute), karinding (Sundanese bamboo jaw harp), tabla (Indian drum), gambus (Sumatrans oud), ngoni (west African harp), Tibetan singing bowls and so on. He is constantly searching for new instruments or even making and adapting them himself. In concert, he will delight everyone with his singing voice and music while leading other amazing musicians who join him in this journey. He has found music is the best media to channel his heritage as a healer as well as sharing his art and heart, to everyone open and willing to dive into themselves.



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