I love to move. To understand what makes us move well, and to explore the somatic feeling that lays underneath it. This obsession has led me to train in multiple styles of movement, from martial arts, to yoga to Ido Portal… and many many more. I now teach movement as a process of reconnection to the magic of experiencing the body and an exploration of our beautiful animal selves. I do this through workshops, trainings and classes all focused on disciplined movement, deep acceptance and embodied intimacy.

I think movement teachers are amazing. Generally teaching is not the most glamorous, jet setting, high paid gig – yet millions of people around the world consciously choose to teach for one main reason – they want to improve peoples lives.

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 1-3pm

Place: Ubud Yoga Center

Movement in Flow

Strength, Depth, Flow.

In this workshop we’ll explore introspective embodiment and complex movement using partners, movement koans and locomotion to create a sense of embodied free-flow and graceful strength.

The three components we’ll explore together;

Strength: We’ll feel into our internal strength. What it is to move from the inside out, what postural patterns prevent us from feeling fully connected and alive in our bodies and how we can use simple, playful tools to re-structure the different parts of our system into one integrated whole.

Depth: As we move, we’ll look beneath the surface into the qualities of movement. Not just learning how to move, but to notice how you’re feeling as you do. How different emotive states can change the quality of the way you move and how to draw from lessons from your movement into your life.

Flow: These two components combined – strength and depth – will lead to a greater capacity to move freely. To move without thought, and to embody a sense of fluidity and flow. We’ll build on a sequence of complex movements that can be built and flowed together, in any space in direction to call in that sense of flow any time you need.

Each day we’ll focus on bundling these three elements with progressions that grow in complexity, profundity and playfulness. As well as finishing each session with a sense of using your entire body as an integrated whole, we’ll work on a sequence of low gait complex movements (animal locomotion) that you can bring to your own practice as a way to cultivate flow.



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