Passion to love your life is contagious around Angelina. Her adventurous
and dynamic spirit connects people to their own unique potential and true
essence. A gypsy soul & devoted movement explorer, Angelina’s unique
offerings are infused with & provide a space of deep healing and listening,
mainly drawing inspiration from Japanese Butoh Dance, Vinyasa/Yin Yoga,
& Physical Theater & Angelina’s embodied dance workshops offer a
profound & safe container to explore & catalyze personal transformation.

Instagram: radiant__heart

Embodied Butoh Dance Workshop

Workshop Date: 1-3 MAY

TIME: 3:15-5:15pm

PLACE: Moksa

Butoh is the eternally unborn dance. It concerns itself with birth, life and death, and devotes itself to the
metamorphosis of the human condition. The form originates from inner sensations and emotions. It is a
dance of reduction, which doesn’t strive to compete. It is free of gain, yet anything life has to offer can find
space within it. As in Zen philosophy, emptiness, waiting, and simply being are of greater significance. In
Butoh, enquiries are made into human existence, into nature, into the soul, and into the universe. It is a
way of submerging in the microcosm of the body through an unremitting slowness. The inner state may be
referred to as trance, dream, ecstasy and deep attentiveness.

What Butoh dance/embodiment offers is a deeper inquiry into the self thru using simple physical training
and exercises to connect with our own inner landscape, our emotions, our essence on how to explore or
perceive the world or to how to connect the unconscious with the subconscious. The key point is to
enhance one’s sensibilities to his/her inner world of body-mind and to the outside world of light, sound,
touch, fragrance, taste, weight and sight.


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