Malaika is an Earth Goddess, Shamanic Medicine Women and founder of 5 Elements Dance Activation™. She has been sharing her gifts of bringing community together in joyful powerful celebrations for the past 30 years and is well known in the Ecstatic Dance Global circuit as Dj Ma.

Malaika is known for her exuberance and ability to create magic in ceremony that is both profound and a deep interconnected expression of the Human Spirit and our longing to come together and connect mind, body and Spirit. AS well as a world renowned facilitator, she is also an avid Earth Keeper and has planted 1000’s of trees after every dance to anchor the energy in Pachamama.

Workshop Date: 27 APRIL
Time: 7-10pm

Place: Blanco Museum

5 Elements Activation

This workshop is an activation where Participants will learn that they are not separate from the Elements of the Earth and they will learn to love, respect, listen and deeply connect to their body as a Divine temple of intelligent wisdom and guidance. Using the power of the breath to guide us into presence as the body is allowed to move groove sweat and smile all over to awesome world beats so you can experience the real essence of Ecstatic trance dance. Release what no longer serves and surrender to the dance to support a deeper connection to yourself.


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