Sacred Earth Mystical Dancer & Facilitator, Creative director of Dance to bliss

Nashwa means bliss in Arabic. Originally from Japan, currently she directs dance community called Dance to bliss in Singapore. Her calling is to inspire bliss, for individuals to experience personal embodiment of peace and grace within.

Her journey started at age 19, when she took her first belly dance class with Mishaal who has been known as one of very first practitioners who have brought the healing energy of feminine wisdom, beauty, and love out to the world through dance.

Nashwa has been practicing and sharing Sacred earth mystical dance which is a deep, sacred, sensual healing movement practice based on esoteric teachings of bellydancing. She has also completed 8 Elements of BellydanceTM by Rachel Brice, sanctioning herself as the first certified tribal fusion bellydance teacher and dancer in S. Asia.

Over 10 years of career, she has been blessed with rich performance experience starting with Fuji rock festival (2008 & 2012), Tokyo Girls Collection (2008 and 2012), Garden beats festival (2020), Armenian street festival (2018), F1 Grand prix (2019) as well as teaching experience in Malaysia, India, Bali, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

In the short time sharing her life’s work in Singapore, she has dedicated her time and energy to nourish dance community and her holistic approach of dance for both men and women was featured on the leading Asian television channel Channel News Asia in 2017, reaching millions daily.

Workshop Date: 26 APRIL – 3 MAY
Time: 1-3pm

Place: Taksu

The Rebirth – From Womb to Wing

This workshops celebrates form and the power of movement, with the use of veils and fabric to dance.
Being inside the womb of your mother was one of the most comforting and healing moments in life ― yet, most of us can’t remember it. This workshop takes participants on a nostalgic adventure. Dancing with supportive materials is one way we can recreate the womb setting and embody this sensational experience. Not only is it pure and transformative but it also summons own healing feminine energy.

As we grow, we start to open our wings ― wings to fly ― to transform ― to shift. Passionately driving energies in their intended direction.

During this workshop, both masculine and feminine energy will be expressed, through form and fluidity. Learn to work on structured improvisation style using different patterns movements and expand the capacity in which your body expresses movement. Challenge yourself to move consciously, whilst supported by the collective group energy and flow.

Please be noted that fabric and veil will be provided.

This Class is open to 12 women only.


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