Rouzbeh is a Bhakti Yogi, Kirtan facilitator, Musician and Vocal Empowerment Coach. He is dedicated to practicing and teaching the sacred art of music, the yoga of sound and devotion, sound healing and other embodied mindfulness practices. His intention is to help others to liberate their voice, uncap their musical and creative potential and ultimately live a more truthful, impactful and fulfilled life.

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 8:45-9:45pm

Place: Paradiso


Voice & Breath Activation

This workshop awakens your breath, voice and energetic body through a range of embodied and creative experiences. As the voice is so intimately connected to the breath, you will first be guided to open your energy channels through a variety of breathing exercises.

Followed by that, you will be guided through various playful and embodied musical experiences that will empower you to explore and expand the range of your vocal expression. Feeling the trust and flow of energy, we will gradually move into a room of free expression, jamming, improvisation and channeling of sound. The idea is to be in a space of „Imperfect Perfection“ – a space beyond good and bad, right and wrong, musician and non-musician, a space where we encourage and support each other to express ourselves freely and unapologetically.



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