Abasin has been in personal development for over a decade as a Journey Practitioner and in the last few years as a breathwork facilitator. He has extensive experience facilitating one on one and group movement, breathwork, meditation, and journey processes. He is passionate about helping others open into their highest potential and living from their hearts.

Workshop Date: 28-29 APRIL

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Place: Taksu


Experience a journey through body awareness, movement, breathwork and meditation into your subconscious mind. Change, release, open, expand and access consciousness in a new and profound way. We create a safe space for group journeying into the unified field with somatic, breathwork and meditative practices.

Breathwork is a very powerful tool for personal and collective transformation. Through a series of somatic and breathing techniques, we can access our inner world in a new and profound way, let go of behaviours which no longer serve us, reconnect with who we truly are, experience expansion, joy and the subtlety of being. Join us for a journey through movement, breathwork and meditation into a deeper experience of yourself and the collective. Often, the gifts come when we show up without expectations, so just stay open and see what happens for you.


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