Malaika Vera is an Indonesian Australian transformational artist, born in Jakarta, into an eclectic family of both eastern and western backgrounds, she lived in various countries during her childhood and adult life. Malaika has performed internationally, from Europe to Australia, South East Asia, India and Egypt. Malaika’s natural love and curiosity for dance and the performance arts, was fueled by a passion for studying and integrating different streams of movement arts, inspired by the artistry, unique creative expression and skill of different cultural lineages. Surrounded by people from a variety of religious, spiritual affiliations and philosophies involved her in a diverse and yet clearly unified inner life. This coupled with her later experience in energetic body work, shadow work and her background in leading groups and individuals to connect with their intuitive wisdom and innate abilities has led to the evolution of performance art that brings a focus to the artist as a channel for the pure creative force to enliven. She now brings a powerful new stream of workshops that incorporate mask theater arts and
transformational tools to activate greater empowerment for the individual.

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 1-3pm

Place: Moksa

Archetypal Masks

Guides a transformational workshop supported by the power of vibrant series of
archetypal masks to reveal, support and lend it’s energy.

The workshop activates personal inquiry, embodiment and masked theater tools to
clear the way, bring about change, clarify vision and anchor a new creation for each



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