Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy. A self-professed geek in understanding the principles underlying the human movement and the nervous system, Daphne applies principles of kinesiology and yoga philosophy in her work to cultivate sensory awareness, rehabilitate injury, and embody the adage of a mind-body connection, to fully experience life through our somatic intelligence. She creates holistic therapeutic training and mentorship programs for individuals, movement educators and healthcare professionals.

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Remedial Movement Therapy

Workshop Date: 26-30 APRIL
Time: 3:15-5:30pm

Place: Ubud Yoga Center


Our body is made up of two-third fluids just as the planet we inhabit in. Organs, fascia, blood, lymph, cerebral spinal fluids form our fluid-filled internal environment. Integrated through the various structures systems of our body, these fluids support our three-dimensional movement, providing fullness and buoyancy from within, and give us new experiences of volume, fluidity, and connectivity. When we are able to differentiate and integrate these systems, they illuminate internal relationships and pathways from inner to outer expression, create new ways to experience our authentic nature, as well as regulate the inflammatory and immune responses, and maintain proper organ and metabolic functions. Bringing together movement, breath and bodywork. This workshop will hone your kinaesthetic awareness of multiple body systems, and offer new perspective on yoga, alignment, movement, breath, and touch. You will learn to sense and explore movement through the fluid content of the body, learn how to cultivate a mindful and practical dialogue in healing from pain, injuries, anxiety & stress, and explore intuitive and embodied ways to integrate this information into your practice.


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