Laurent Svara:

Svara is the founder of Resonanz, Ubud’s weekly Ecstatic Dance gathering and the creator of SuaraSound, where he creates multi-sensory LSV (Light, Sound, Vibration) experiences that facilitate accessing of altered states of consciousness. In his 20 year journey with sound as a DJ, musician, and curator, he also founded the Rainbow Disco Club festival in Japan and curated art, music, and culture events for the city of Berlin.

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Yin Ling:

Growing up in urban Singapore, Yin Ling found the unconventional path to creating shamanic sound journeys across the world. Known for her haunting voice, Yin Ling’s music is meant to inspire deep remembrance and emotional healing. She has been featured at BOOM Festival (Portugal) 2018, BaliSpirit Festival, Green is the New Black Festival (Singapore) and more.

Bandcamp :

Event Date: 2 MAY
Time: 7-10pm

Place: Blanco Museum


Origin of Sound – Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing Journey

Svara and Yin Ling invite you on a journey to the origin of our sound – the time of our consciousness entered the womb. We will create a safe and sacred space for participants to journey deep into the time we were born. Through shamanic sound healing and ecstatic dance we will reflect and let go of the mind and expectations in order to be fully free to connect with the
soul, heart and our body’s truest expressions.

The session will start with Sound Healing to tune internally and unearth our love energy to dance ecstatic in Unity.
Towards the end of the Ecstatic Dance we will close with a Sound Healing integrative session to ground and expand in love.


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