Leo is a multi-instrumentalist and arranger from Brazil, also celebrated by his colorful voice harmonies.
Currently dedicated to Kirtans & medicine songs from all over the world, Leo brings creativity and joy to the
musical projects.

Rouzbeh is a Bhakti Yogi, Kirtan facilitator, Musician and Vocal Empowerment Coach. He is dedicated to
practicing and teaching the sacred art of music, the yoga of sound and devotion, sound healing and other
embodied mindfulness practices. His intention is to help others to liberate their voice, uncap their musical and
creative potential and ultimately live a more truthful, impactful and fulfilled life.

Workshop Date: 25 APRIL
Time: 5-7pm

Place: Blanco Museum


Water is the source of creation. Life was born in the waters and is being preserved by it. We humans begin our life journey in the water of the womb, and it is the element of water that nourishes us with creativity, flow, softness and effortless strength.

This musical water ceremony is a celebration of life and an homage to the element of water and the relationship between humans and water. Water-related heart songs and mantras from different traditions and languages will be blended with an interactive water blessing ritual, inspirational poetry, prayers and embedded dance performances embodying the element of water.

As we honor the water in and around us, we tap into a collective state of oneness, gratitude and trust.

– Water-related heart songs and mantras from different traditions and languages, to sing along!
– Water ritual: Blessing of a special water and drinking it together
– Inspirational poetry and prayers related to water
– Dancers embodying the element of water

1. Welcome and meditation on the theme of water with musical background
2. Song for honoring the rain and water as the source of life and the womb (Nana, goddess of rain)
3. Poetry recitation: Message from the water (->see below as inspiration)
4. Song for honoring the rivers and water as a source of creativity and freshness (Ide Were Were, honoring
Oshun, the goddess of fresh waters)
5. Water Blessing Ritual: We distribute the sacred water, bless the water with a song of gratitude, love and
forgiveness (Ho’ Oponopono), then drink the water together
6. Song for honoring the oceans and water as the source of tides, waves and nourishment (Narayana)
7. Receiving and Integration: Sounds of the water (hang drum, rain stick, etc.), soft subtle water song,
setting intention, gratitude (Oxum Flor das Aguas)
8. Closing with an Ocean of Ohms (Ohm waving and flowing into each other)



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