MARCELO Maia FONTENELLE graduated from Mestre Marrom Capoeira Angola School,
Physical Education teacher,withspecializationinBioginástica,method created by
teacher Orlando Cani Dedicated educator with more than 10 years of experience,
developing work with children,teenagers and adults in schools in Rio de Janeiro.


Workshop Date: 26 -30 APRIL 

TIME: 9-10am

PLACE: Blanco Museum

CAPOEIRA_ANGOLA is a Brazilian cultural activity combining elements of
music, dance, acrobatics, and martial art movements. Rooted mainly in the
African culture, in Brazil Capoeira dates back to the colonial period.

Our goal is to experience the movements, the connection between
practitioners and the fluidity of the Capoeira game in a creative and
spontaneous way. To experience dancing, music and roda–circle-activities,
exploring through its practice one’s self-awareness and potentials.



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