Nicole Igl is an internationally certified instructor, performer and choreographer who teaches a wide range of Aerial Acrobatics, Pole Dance, Solo and Ballroom dance styles. She started dancing at the age of six and has performed and worked with international dancers in many different countries. Her focus in teaching lies on alignment, fundamental technique and precise execution to prevent injuries and ensure quality in movement. She aims to create a base for more advanced moves and help students to level up their skills. As an artist she loves flow and continuous movement, expression, musicality and great lines. Her approach to dance and acrobatics creates a safe space to freely express oneself, improve physical ability and feel empowered while striving to push the boundaries of the discipline.

Egwin Ertl is an international trainer, coach and speaker teaching movement, energetics and consciousness development for 20 years working with private clients, dedicated groups of individuals and companies. He has an extensive background in western medicine and a wide range of complementary/ alternative forms of therapy as well as, dance, martial arts, somatic movement, energetics, meditation, qigong, aerial yoga and aerial acrobatics. He is the founder of Beyond Systems a system free approach to the development of movement and consciousness that focuses on creating a solid far reaching foundation and understanding of our human form and consciousness in general through a process that focuses on facilitating individual experience rather than having to belief.

Workshop Date: 1-3 MAY
Time: 1:30-3:00pm

Place: Ubud Yoga Center


Floating Across Elements in Aerial Silks

Content and structural overview:

When we are born we cross the bridge from the liquid surroundings of the amniotic fluids to the solid and aerially
realm of what we come to call life when we grow up. In this workshop we explore expression, movement and being
in this almost polar world between the ground and air we breathe. By using aerial silks as a tool to spread our wings
and explore movement off the ground we will dive into the experience of yet again crossing elements and opening
up a new perspective of grounding, connectedness and freedom while in the air.
The workshop is open for all levels and offers the opportunity to explore this beautiful tool of aerial silks and how it
can enrich our life and understanding of flow.

Workshop elements include:
– centering on and off the silks
– ground to silk flows, axis, explorations
– introduction to silks and safety
– climbing the silks and silk poses
– energetics of moving across elements
– integrating new experiences
– mechanics of moving in the silks
– combining the moves

Open Level
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Clothing: long leggings, and slim fit T-shirt that covers armpits belly and lower back



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